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Slow down

Amid all my dreaming to become a part-timer I have started to really appreciate how precious time is. Working full time sucks so much time (and energy) out of your day that after years of it you forget how much you miss out on. School pick ups, being at home from 3pm and being able to prepare dinner before dark – things I have not taken for granted as I have not known them. When I reduced one working day a week to half a day I was beside myself! A morning to do with what I please? Oh boy.

On this morning each week I tend to write. I cart my laptop to some place gorgeous and I order a coffee or two and tap away on my keyboard. Two hours passes, I pack my laptop away and go home to work. I use those two hours wisely and I surround myself with beautiful sights and sounds, usually I am found sitting by the coast. Last week however I decided to go for a walk by the river. And as I reached the foreshore this is what I saw…

Obviously I only had my iPhone with me as my intention was to exercise, not to take photos. So first order of the day when I become a part-timer will be to take my camera down for some serious shots. Needless to say I will spending a fair bit of time down here in a week or so. I might just call this my new office. As much as I loved my old office with its corner windows, space and view of the clouds, I don’t think it will quite compare to this. I have for some time wondered how I wound up sitting in fluorescent lighting in an office, and now as I ogle this wondrous beauty I wonder some more.

If you need me I’ll be perched on the foreshore, coffee in hand. Not sure I will be making any money but I sure as hell will be smiling!

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  • Kaisla - Sounds amazing! So happy for you Peggy, and please do share some more photos with us who are not quite as lucky with our working spaces! :) xReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Thank you Kaisla, happy days! :) I will definitely share some photos with you. And you keep sharing your travel photos with me. xoReplyCancel

  • Marjatta Kefalinos - Now is no time to slow down, it’ll be full speed ahead to live your dreams, do what you desire. In no time you’ll be thinking how did I ever managed to work full time?? Enjoy your life to the fullest xxooReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - I am already wondering that Mum, next week I have plans every single day, how did I get so much done while I was working full time?! I am slowing down to enjoy the ride, no more racing.

      And breathe… xoReplyCancel

      • Marjatta Kefalinos - Main thing is that you take time to enjoy the journey xxooReplyCancel

  • Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock - Sounds perfect!
    I’m currently on maternity leave, and that looming feeling that it’s coming to an end is haunting me. I love having days at home with the kids to craft & bake & read books. I love being able to go out on an adventure without any planning, and I love getting a chance to sit & write when the house is quiet & baby is napping. Work sucks….why do we need money? haaa!
    Enjoy it Peggy xReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Oh I totally agree on all accounts and especially going on an adventure without planning, the planning and routine KILLS ME!

      Money sucks, I hate how money and time rule our days. Imagine if we had no time restrictions and no need for money? Oh my, wouldn’t that be total freedom at its best!

      Thanks Claire. xoReplyCancel

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