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Mondays are awesome sauce!

My Monday used to look like this:

 :: Wake up grumpy.

 :: Drag my feet around slowly for the first hour.

 :: Rush around madly for the next hour.

 :: Drive to school. Then drive to work. 

 :: Smile. Think about what else I would rather be doing.

 :: Do a day of work.

 :: Drive to pick up child, race home to prepare dinner, tidy abode etc etc etc. 

 :: Sit down about 8pm.


My Monday now looks like this:

Last Thursday my son asked if I was free on Monday to join his class on an excursion. Usually this would be a no-go when I worked full time, unless I knew weeks in advance so I could arrange the day off. But being a serious part-timer/fledgling writer/part-time coffee drinker, I thought hard for all of five seconds and then answered, “Why not!” So this morning off we went. 

After the excursion (which by the way was AMAZING fun!) I toddled off home. I do that a lot these days, toddle. I had a coffee, I browsed the net, I got the dog and walked to school to pick up my son. For a child who has spent every afternoon in afterschool care since day one at school for the past five years, being picked up from school is very much a novelty. But to get picked up on foot with your best brown-snouted friend (the dog, not me) is “awesome sauce”! We strolled home, chatting away without a care in the world. And as we strolled I smiled to myself as the realisation that I would never have been able to appreciate what this feels like, to stroll home from school with my child, back when my career ruled my weekday. I am so grateful.

It gets better.

Got home and it was still daylight (another novelty for mum and son alike), so I proceeded to roast eggplant, cook spaghetti and prepare a stir fry. Not only am I prepping dinner before dark, I am prepping tomorrow’s lunch. Awesome sauce.

If ever there was a moment when I feel anxious about just how I will maintain mortgage repayments (and the rest) having cut my income in half (and the rest), it is moments like this that remind me it really doesn’t matter. It is only money. And if there comes a time I cannot pay the mortgage, I will deal with it then.

For now, I am enjoying these moments.


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  • Kate @ Our Little Sins - Peggy, it is so wonderful to hear about your life. Your happiness and contentment shines through with every sentence. May you have many, many more awesome sauce Mondays. xReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Thank you Kate, I am definitely very much loving it so far! xoReplyCancel

  • Elinor - How bloomin’ lovely is that. This reminded me how grateful I am for working from home instead of being in my old job so I can be there for my son (and my dogs!) – although at 13 he won’t be seen dead with me picking him up from school it is lovely to be here when he walks in the door – and I love that he knows I’m here if he needs me. Thanks for the reminder Peggy – I realised that all too soon I’ve taken it for granted – big sighs of contentment:)ReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Aww your son is a lucky lad Elinor. A lot of my friends tell me teens in particular need to know they have a parent there after school. Even if he doesn’t want you to pick him up, great that you are present. Being able to pick my son up has been a dream for a few years, and honestly I didn’t think it’d be possible for another few years yet. So I am glad I pulled my finger out and made it happen!

      Happy, happy days. :)

      ps….lovely to hear from you. xoReplyCancel

  • Reannon - This post makes me happy Peggy. It can never be said enough that it really is the simple things in life really are the best xxReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - I wholeheartedly agree Reannon. Was just thinking that today as I was driving home from having lunch with my brother and SIL, I wouldn’t trade ‘time’ to live for a bigger house and flash car. I am loving all this spare time. :)ReplyCancel

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