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Stop dreaming and start chasing

Before I started to actually put my dreams into motion I often watched people living their dream with serious envy. I’d sit and wonder what amazing opportunities they had been presented with giving them the chance to follow their dreams. I’d wonder what did they have that I didn’t, I even imagined that they were so lucky. So very lucky.

I eventually realised that those very people face the exact same constraints as I do – financial commitments, fear, a head full of ‘what ifs’, family commitments – and yet they’re moving, they’re ‘doing’. This was the mindset that made me realise the only person stopping me from chasing my dreams, was me! One day I will share the notes I made when I decided it was time to stop dreaming and start chasing. You will be surprised at the simplicity of it all.

Every week since I left my full time employment I have surprised myself. I have done something courageous, some small thing that has scared me, every week. I have stepped out of my comfort zone a little more with each step. I have pushed my fear down and taken one more tiny leap into the unknown. This week was no exception. As I look back I smile at my own courage and I quietly and humbly pat myself on the back for putting myself out there. It’s scary out there, don’t you know?

As you may know I have previously contributed to the wonderfully inspiring site Coping with Jane. This week my second post was published, it is about ridding your life of drama. You can read it here


I also have another venture coming up on Coping with Jane in the context of food. I will share more with you when it’s up and running but let’s just say food, photography and writing; DREAM GIG! Watch this space, I am terribly excited!

This week I also contributed to the beautifully positive site We Heart Life. I love this group of girls, so inspiring and friendly and happy. I posted tips on how to enjoy photography. My tips are non-technical and more about being creative, the very part I love most about taking photos. You can read my post here.

My biggest accomplishment this week was making my very first call to a real living, breathing editor. I have put off calling editors (I have done my article submissions via email until now) due to that thing we call fear. Silly really, I am chatty by nature and have no problem talking to real living, breathing people, but I put the irrational fear down to rejection. Strange thing is, to be a freelance writer you really do need to accept rejection, it’s a real part of freelancing and one I have no issue with. I think it’s more the over-the-phone rejection thing that had me previously tongue tied and sweaty palmed at the very thought. Anyway, I made the call and was very pleasantly surprised with the response. When the editor mentioned sending a photographer around to take photos of the subject of my article, I put myself out there AGAIN and offered to take the photos myself. Double pat. Now I am just hoping he likes both the article and the photo. 

If we walked through life never putting ourselves out there I think we’d miss out on so much, opportunities would not present themselves and our eyes would not be open to the endless possibilities that lay before us. The comfort zone is a trap for all things complacent and unadventurous. Everything is yours for the taking, but unless you go and seek what you desire you won’t ever be open to reaching out and grabbing it.

So go, what are you waiting for?

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  • Mother Down Under - I have seen so many posts like this lately…and they are all so inspiring!
    I can’t believe how many blogging women are putting fears aside and following their dreams!
    I can only hope that soon I too will be able to join the ranks of those who have been brave enough to take a leap…so far I have only been taking baby steps!ReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Baby steps are great, I took baby steps for ages leading up to my ‘leap’ moment. I think baby steps get us going in the right direction, testing the water and cementing our dreams as we go.

      Good for you, it’s people like you that inspire me. :)ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Gibson aka Lipgloss Mumma - It really is amazing what you can achieve once you let go of the fear. Good on you. I look forward to reading and holding your beautiful words in my hands xReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Fear is crippling, and although I know it will hover around waiting for a weak moment I will do my best to keep it at bay.

      Thanks Jodi, it’s nice to know you’re joining me for the journey. xoReplyCancel

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