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This whole ‘staying at home’ bizzo is still very new to me. It’s been a few months now (I think) and I am still pinching myself over all this time I have. TIME! You may have noticed I harp on about how much I hate time, everything revolves around time. Unfortunately when most of my week was spent at work, I never felt like time was on my side.

Now however, I am starting to love time. Some mornings after doing the school run, I walk inside the house and my heart skips a beat. All this time just for me, to do whatever my heart desires. My creative side is BEAMING with ideas, I just cannot believe how inspiring it is to have time to be inspired. As each day unfolds, I am discovering little jewels hidden inside this thing ‘staying at home’, and quite honestly, I am absolutely loving it. A few things I have discovered:

1. no rush starts the day off a whole lot nicer.

2. there is no such thing as too much good coffee.

3. peak hour traffic is indeed avoidable. And not at all missed.

4. it’s okay to spend some days doing nothing, in fact it is recommended. So good for the soul! I actually mark days off in my calendar where I intend to do a whole lot of nothing.

5. just because I am home more I do not spend any more money. I had this preconceived notion that being home more would mean I would be heading out and about spending money. Sure I do have more lunches with girlfriends and find myself ducking to the shops more frequently, but I don’t spend any more than I used to.

6. I smile a lot more. Even just to myself.

7. my eyes are open more to the things around me. I notice more, I take in more. I am much more perceptive when I am less rushed.

8. I say yes more. When I only had 2 days off a week I found my weekends were crammed with grocery shopping, housekeeping, chores and trying to find some downtime. Now, since I have much more time to myself, my weekends can be reserved for catching up with friends and spending more time with family. Chores can be done midweek. If I want.

9. I loathe chores less. I resented housework and the amount of time it sucked out of my weekend. Now I don’t. It gets done whenever, and I love it more that way.

10. I’m loving the simple things in life.

I am finding that when we open our eyes and hearts to the simple pleasures we find joy in the mundane. A trip to the local supermarket on a Tuesday morning is as novel for me as it is simple. And oddly enough, I am not missing the extra money I used to have. Not one bit. The creative side of me thrives nicely without it.  





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  • Jodi Gibson aka Lipgloss Mumma - That’s so nice to hear Peggy. I have one more year till our youngest starts school and then I’ll be home part time and I can’t wait. Just to have the house to myself, get work done in peace and even sit and do nothing even if just for a moment!ReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Oh it is absolute bliss Jodi! Having worked fulltime for so long, I really had no idea what it would feel like to have so much spare time. And I LOVE IT! Sitting and doing nothing is a must, it’s my favourite part of being home midweek during the day alone. :)ReplyCancel

  • Maxabella - I wish I had tried harder to make this my reality, Peggy.i think I have been really lucky to land ‘half way’, but all-in would have made me so happy for a while. I’m glad you get to do this. xReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - It’s not easy letting go of everything that you’ve ever known (I worked full time since I left school) and jumping into the unknown, especially when money is involved. But when I look back it was either take that risk or lose myself, I think the latter scared me more. I am very lucky, so very lucky, I have amazing support and those closest to me were encouraging. It’s not easy following your dreams.

      Half way is brilliant Bron, to be honest if I stayed home full time I think the novelty would wear off and I might forget why I wanted it so bad. Half way is good. Enjoy! xoReplyCancel

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