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Diving into the raw food revolution – Cabbage, radish and parmesan salad

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy the taste of vegetables that much, in fact not at all. I can’t recall actually liking any one vegetable. Over the past few years I have really acquired the taste for vegetables, and especially in their raw form.

I realise I have been a bit heavy on the salads here recently. I am inclined to eat them every other day in summer and so I don’t get bored with the good old reliable garden or green salad I am intent on trying out new salads as often as possible.

This salad ain’t pretty. As I was making it I kept wondering how on earth it would even taste any good. I clearly underestimated raw cabbage and radish, and the dressing and parmesan cheese just tipped this salad over into yumsville!


½ cabbage, shredded

Handful of green beans, cut into bite size pieces

½ bunch radish, ends trimmed, sliced thinly

1-2 chilli, sliced

4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp red wine vinegar

½ tsp sugar

Handful of coriander

Parmesan cheese

Sea salt and pepper


Place cabbage, beans, radish and chilli into a bowl.

Whisk olive oil, red wine vinegar and sugar together. Set aside.

Add coriander to the bowl, pour over the dressing and top with lashings of freshly shaved parmesan. Season with freshly ground sea salt and pepper and prepare to be surprised!

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