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Feeding my new beetroot obsession: Smoked salmon and beetroot salad

I didn’t necessarily dislike beetroot in the past, but aside from the tinned stuff sliced and crammed into a burger, I hadn’t really given it much attention. I had this idea that handling fresh beet would be messy and would stain. And I am more for fresh than tinned so the tinned stuff didn’t really phase me. But recently in my foodie state of wanting to try different foods, I bought some and cooked it when I made my Mum and grandmother’s famous traditional Finnish Rosolli, a beetroot salad. It wasn’t as messy as I initially thought and my goodness is it delicious fresh!

Last month I had a very inspiring lunch date with a fabulous photographer Angelique Lee. If you live in Perth, you need to look her up. I have been not-so-silently stalking her on Facebook for some time, and she generously devoted a few hours (we are both talkers, a few hours was needed) to share her wealth of knowledge about all things photography. As well as our similar creative tastes we obviously share a similarly fabulous culinary taste. We both ordered this amazing smoked salmon salad that was paired with shavings of beetroot. I know immediately when sampling a new dish if I intend to try it myself, and this one made it into my must-try memory bank at first bite. This recipe is inspired by that salad.

As my favourite grocer in the world, The Lettuce Shop (they deliver to your door peeps, and no they didn’t pay me to write this), are on leave, I ventured to the supermarket to buy some fresh beetroot. Apparently the supermarket doesn’t stock it (why, I mean seriously WHY?) so I had to venture to my local grocer. Fortunately my local grocer does stock quality produce as far as store produce goes, but still, I am crazy about The Lettuce Shop so they better get back to work soon.

Now when I talk about ingredients such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I don’t put the amount in grams as honestly, I am terrible at measuring ingredients when I cook. Often I measure ingredients purely so I can put a quantity here for you, however with these liquids I just add a splash, taste, and add more if I feel the need. If a recipe calls for a specific amount I will state that, otherwise it’s a ‘splash’. Don’t overdo the balsamic though, small splash only.


1 beetroot, peeled and grated

1 carrot, peeled and grated

½ lemon, juiced

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

Sea salt and pepper

75g baby spinach

Handful of rocket

Handful of fresh coriander

200g smoked salmon

50g feta, crumbled

Handful of pine nuts


Place grated beetroot and carrot into a bowl, add lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic, freshly ground sea salt and pepper, combine well. Plate baby spinach and rocket, top with beetroot and carrot mixture and coriander. Roll up individual slices of smoked salmon and place decoratively around the edge of the plate. Sprinkle feta and pine nuts all over. 

Serve with fresh bread and butter. Can I get a “nom nom”?


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  • Michelle - Yum this looks so delicious. I really want to make some new and exciting salads for dinner my green salad is just a bit too boring which is probably why I end up making a pasta or something instead! Im adding this to my Meatless Mondays menu list for the week!ReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - I got into a tangent of making the same old green salad with a few extra things added here and there, but I seem to have broken out of that habit now by trying a few new salad recipes. There are so many choices out there and so much to try!

      Let me know what you think if you make this one. Thanks for stopping by Michelle.ReplyCancel

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