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Creative collaborations that make the heart swoon

As you may already know I am partial to food photography. Before I made the leap from the corporate world to follow my creative pursuits, I had an interest in photography, but thought of it as no more than a hobby. Writing was, as I thought then, going to be the path to following my creative dreams.

As the universe would have it, turns out photography is what gets my heart racing. 

In the past two weeks I have been very fortunate to be involved in three photo shoots. The school holidays have been a whirlwind of days of doing nothing with my favourite little guy, and then flying between shoots and editing, editing, editing. It’s so far removed from the school holidays of the past where I would work every weekday, sending our child off to hang out with friends and cousins. These days are much nicer for me, I am now the lucky one who now gets to hang out with him.

A few months ago I was commissioned by the ever fabulous Alison of The Vintage Table to be involved in a styled vintage shoot. To say I was scared of the pressure (not intentional, and not by Alison of course) to get this shoot right is an understatement, I was petrified. Alison spent hours and hours and days and weeks perfecting the setting for the shoot. Models were hired, as was a make-up artist. Without giving too much away, it was a decadent event of romantic proportions. And naturally, I felt way out of my league.

I am discovering these little collaborations are just amazing, so inspiring. It’s delightful what you can learn from hanging with other creatives. As the universe would have it, I met Alison through some mutual friends years ago, and years later our respective creative ventures have crossed paths. Lucky, lucky me.

There were two factors that stopped me from saying no to Alison’s proposal despite my fear. One – this was an opportunity I would die for, and even though I felt perhaps it was a little early on in my photography adventure (I haven’t focused on portraiture before, my subjects are mostly inanimate objects, not real flesh and blood) I just couldn’t pass it up. I couldn’t. Two – one look at Alison’s work and style and the second reason is obvious. I love snapping food, as much I love snapping beautiful objects. And The Vintage Table is the epitome of just that.

After the shoot, I can look back and see areas I could have done things differently, but honestly, I am absolutely rapt with the images. I love them all. With my technical eye on I could pick things out, but when I gaze at the beauty of the subjects (and they are beautiful) and the decadence of the setting, I can’t help but swoon. And one would think after weeks and weeks of looking at and editing the images I would tire of them, I have not.

So yesterday I was ecstatic to receive an email to advise our styled shoot has been accepted by a fabulous vintage bridal blog. I won’t give away too much detail just yet, but once the post is published you can be sure that I will be sharing it here with you. This shoot was monumental for me, in a way I think no other shoot will ever quite hold a place in my heart like this one does. To eventually see the images published online will be phenomenal for me. I envisage some celebrating by the wonderful crew involved on the day when that happens.

After reading this email, I realised it was time to launch my photography Facebook page. It was a ‘oh I will just wait for my logo’ or ‘oh I’ll just wait for my website to be launched’ kind of mindset that kept the page unpublished for some time. But yesterday Alison told me to stop procrastinating, so, I decided it was time to make like Nike and just DO IT! 

If it is your kind of thing, head over and have a look. The content will be added gradually, but feel free to follow if you have an interest in food and lifestyle photography. I am picturing a like-minded community, much like the one I have on my cake crumbs & beach sand Facebook page (which by the way will remain my favourite place to share all things food and recipe related). While you’re there check out The Vintage Table’s page, it will set your mood for the day if you’re into all things vintage and delicious. Even if you’re not.

And if I haven’t said it before, thank you to all the fabulous people I have in my corner, the ones that give me a nudge when I need it, a word of support when I need that. And thank you for stopping by and keeping me company on this creative journey of mine.

It’s been wonderful. I look forward to what tomorrow brings.


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  • Alana - Hey love, congratulations on your Voices 2013 finalist nomination! Well done on scoring this shoot too, the composition of the teapot photo is really lovely. Although I don’t have a family I had to give up a lot to study and get into photography so I’m feeling your sentiments alllll around; here’s to many more shoots to come!ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Saas - Thank you Alana, I am still pinching myself (over Voices AND this shoot).

    Have you seen Alan Watts’ “If money was no object” lecture on youtube? Creatives gotta be creative, we weren’t built to sit in an office staring at a monitor under fluoro lighting. That’s the truth. Enjoy Alana, you’re a talented soul and you’d be doing the world an injustice if you didn’t follow that dream.ReplyCancel

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