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How to make photo booth props on a budget

I recently put my hand up to run a photo booth at a fabulous fundraising event. I got so excited at the thought of doing this photo booth, I forgot that I had never ever seen a photo booth, let alone make one!

Commence panic.

True to my usual style, I planned and planned in my head for weeks before the event, but I whipped the props up the day before. I just work best under pressure. I found printable props online here (gotta love google) and then visited Spotlight for the materials. I spent under $70 on the backdrop for the booth plus all props. Obviously you can get super creative, the booth can be as fabulous as you want it to be. I considered hanging gorgeous vintage fabric as the backdrop but I had cement wall to deal with, so I wasn’t sure a temporary fixture would stay up. Tissue paper however, easy as. 

What you need

For the background:

Tissue paper

Patterned masking tape


Sticky tape or bluetack to fasten the tissue paper to the wall

For the props:

Coloured card stock. Or you can print on white card and colour the props in yourself.

Craft glue

Free printable prop stencils from here

Scissors or an x-acto knife

Wooden dowel rods – or you can use bamboo sticks or even straws. I thought of using cute little retro straws but didn’t know if they’d last multiple handlings.

Light weight photo frames. I came across one in Spotlight that had cracked glass, so received a 40% discount.

Chalk board and chalk

Additional props such as quirky glasses, a tiara or hat. Cheap and available in the party aisle of craft store.

For the backdrop I used 2 packets of tissue paper, 6 sheets in total. I ran the sheets vertically, fastening them to the wall with good old sticky tape. I then ran masking tape along the joins, and hung 2 rows of bunting across. Ta-daaa!

For the props I printed the prop stencils as found here. I glued the cut out props onto card stock, then glued a dowel stick to the side. Done. I made 16 props and it took me about an hour. You could get really creative and colour them in yourself. You can also buy glittery and patterned card stock to make it more interesting.

Cost breakdown:

Tissue paper x 2 packets: $4 from Spotlight

Patterned masking tape x 2 rolls: $4 from Spotlight

Bunting: make yourself with old fabric or steal from a creative friend (that’s what I did, thank you Amy of Kookery)

Card stock: $1.30 per sheet or $3 for glittered card stock from Spotlight

Craft glue: $4 from Spotlight

Wooden dowel rods x 2 packets of 10: $10 from Spotlight

Lightweight photo frame: $14 from Spotlight 

Chalk board and chalk: $12.90 from Typo

Quirky glasses or hats: $6 each from Spotlight

I also made a sign by using a chalk board back drop from here, then I added font and vintage overlays in picmonkey. All free.

The thing about a photo booth is it’s the perfect place to ham it up. Young and old dived into the booth, I had a fantastic time behind the camera giggling at the goings on in the booth. When I got home I scrolled through the photos and smiled at the frivolity and fun that was had. The props need only be as limited as your imagination, you can create whatever you like. I already have new ideas for my next one!

And here we have Isabella of Blooms on 18 attempting to use as many props as possible. Brilliant! By the way that necklace and little posie ring Isabella is wearing are her own creations. Isn’t she clever!

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  • Ginny - Haha loved playing with my friends in the photo booth!ReplyCancel

  • Your One and Only Loving mother! - Your props look great, what a great idea for a photo booth. I’ll be happy to make you a back drop, just let me know the hight and the width you want it.ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Saas - It was so much fun on the other side seeing all the fun that was had through the lens. Great day Ginny!ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Saas - Thanks Mum. The props were super easy to make, I had them done within 1-2 hours. I’m sure there’d be lots more ideas, I was happy with the amount I made considering it was my first photo booth. I’d love some backdrops, thanks. I’ll email you the sizes I need. xoReplyCancel

  • Sarah Jones - This is so incredibly helpful – setting up a photobooth at a wedding I have coming up (and making it one of my new products) – definitely needed the help! Thanks!ReplyCancel

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