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Meet the Sponsor: Pampered Pooch Parties & Barkery Treats

I had an email from a lovely young lass who was after some photos for her business. Her business? Making delicious looking (and I am sure, tasting) treats for man’s best friend. I love it when people have a unique business idea and they run with it.

When I first met Traci I was instantly intrigued, a dog-loving human who put her money where her mouth is. She had an idea to make treats for her own pooches from human grade ingredients, and so she did. From there she created Pampered Pooch Parties & Barkery Treats. And yes, she also caters for puppy parties!

After taking photos for her website I asked if I could do a feature on her wonderful business to share with my readers. Lucky for me, Traci has also since sponsored cake crumbs & beach sand so I get to introduce Traci and Pampered Pooch Parties & Barkery Treats to you as one of our lovely sponsors.

As I was photographing the delicious treats I asked Traci a few questions about how she got started. I am always intrigued about how people formulate original ideas and then create a business out of it. Here is what Traci shared with me.

Traci what first inspired you to start making dog treats?

I grew up with dogs, and when I adopted Pepsi nearly 8 years ago, I celebrated with her every Birthday/Christmas occasion with cake, presents and all the trimmings.  I have always treated Pepsi, (and also Pepper) as my furkid/s, and a very spoilt at that. Then after having worked in retail for over 21 years, I had an operation on my foot. After the first operation, I was then told a year later that I had to have another as it wasn’t successful.  During the second stage of recovery from my second operation being wheelchair bound, I decided to do a little bit of research on dog treats and parties for dogs.   I figured there were/are many people like me – Pooch loving crazy dog ladies/men so I decided to take the plunge. I haven’t looked back! I love that I can get up in the morning, and enjoy the many aspects of my job, and spend it with my inspirations, my furkids.

How did the idea come about to use human grade ingredients?

I didn’t like the idea of the store bought food that was available for dogs.  Fillers, fat and ingredients that sounded more scientific than actual fresh nutritious ingredients. With that I decided to create a Barkery treat line that used 100% Quality Human Grade Ingredients. All the ingredients I use are fresh, healthy and safe for dogs. 

Do you have any specific treats that are your best sellers?

I have two best sellers, the Cheese & Bacon Scotty Dogs and the Crunchy Donut Cookies.

Do your own dogs enjoy taste testing your creations, and have they ever turned away a treat?

Pepsi & Pepper love tasting my creations from the kitchen.  Pepsi being a Lab, seems to be ALWAYS hungry, and Pepper is a grazer.  Rhani, my mum’s dog, also helps out with the taste testing, she is a FUSSY pooch.  Pepper and Rhani have turned away certain treats, but they are both very different in their likes and dislikes. Latest addition Charlie, he is a food lover, so he doesn’t really help me out with the research as he LOVES everything, even more so than Pepsi. 

What else do you have in store for Pampered Pooch Parties and Barkery Treats?

I am, with the help of my mum, releasing a new line of barkery treats that feature Super-food ingredients, as well as expanding the wheat & Gluten free lines for allergy prone pooches.

We are also branching out selling our treats around the world, customs permitting.  We have retailers in America, and hopefully Canada soon. 

Mum and I are also hopeful that we are able to open a Pampered Pooch Barkery in Perth within the next year to two years.


If you have a furkid of your own (and I know as a dog owner myself, we do love to spoil our little pooches) head over and check out Pampered Pooch Parties & Barkery Treats’ site. Order something while you’re there, your dog will love you (even more) for it!

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