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The Easiest Lunch Order Ever Courtesy of EatNow // Sponsored Post

When I worked full time, takeaway meals became a regular thing. I was pressed for time so found the convenience of takeaway helpful during my crazy busy week. Now however, I have plenty of time to cook and I like it that way. Lucky me.

Takeaway meals have now become a treat, and I can say we tend to enjoy them more so as they offer a change to what comes out of our kitchen, not just a meal to fill the tummy during a busy day. We are creatures of habit and seem to always order from the same places. But this weekend I decided to try something different thanks to EatNow.

EatNow is an online takeaway site whereby you enter your postcode and a selection of restaurants comes up. You order, they deliver, everyone is happy. Obviously when I typed in my postcode, two of our all time favourites came up. I initially went to click on one, then the other, then thought, wait on a second, let’s try something different. EatNow kindly sponsored a meal for my family, the least I could do is try something new.

EatNow offers a postcode search of Perth restaurants  or the option to view restaurants by suburb listing. The hardest part is choosing what to eat! Well for me anyway, I mostly always want one of each. So after selecting Red Rose Indian Cuisine and Pizza, I went about perusing the menu. I’m equally fussy with Indian food as I am with pizza, so found the concept of having both coming from the same kitchen novel. Not to say it can’t be done, I’m sure it can. Just novel.

The thing about ordering food online is, scrolling down to peruse the dish options is easier than reading a paper menu in my opinion. You can click on your selection as you go, or click to remove something when you change your mind (I do that a lot). Once you’ve chosen your dishes, the rest is easy. I have a tendency to scrawl on paper menus so after awhile I don’t know what I am ordering and life becomes way too confusing. Well not really, but online ordering is certainly more fun. All you do is search, order and eat.

So our lunch arrived right on time. Dishes included goat curry (you can select hotness level), lamb korma, and of course, garlic naan. I simply don’t do Indian meals unless there is naan involved. Cucumber raita complimented the meal perfectly. Red Rose is giving my favourite local Indian restaurant a run for its money! 

Next time I would go slightly hotter with my choices, I chose ‘medium’ hotness but I’d probably go the hottest for that extra kick. The chilli garlic naan had a nice chilli bite to it which upped the garlic ante. Although the goat curry was delicious, the lamb korma was my favourite out of the two. The sauce was beautiful even on its own, creamy and spiced to perfection. The lamb was tender and the portion size was ample. The cucumber raita was perfectly spiced and the yogurt was a nice touch to end the spices of both meat dishes. 

EatNow is a fabulously convenient concept offering patrons an ordering and delivery service at the touch of a button. It offers paypal, credit card and cash payment options plus delivery. I liked that I could sit down, choose, order and pay for our meal in the one sitting, then just kick back and wait for delivery. Red Rose currently offers first time customers a 10% discount off their first order, so that essentially crossed out the accompanying $4 delivery fee. I could have also picked the meal up, but what would be the fun in that.

EatNow was founded in 2010 and currently has over 2000 restaurants listed. You can order straight from your phone or mobile device making ordering takeaway easier than ever.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Well who else’s would they be?

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