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Under the Stars.

Every now and again we pack our car with the bare essentials and we head away. Away from the traffic, the hustle and bustle, the routine, agenda, people, the city. As we hit the wide open road I can feel myself breathe slower. I feel my body relax, my eyes start to focus on the nothingness around us and my mind gradually empties without me even realising. Gone are the thoughts of what’s to be done, finances, things to be fixed or put back together, work, school, the internet.

My business relies on the internet, but every now and again I feel myself getting drawn too far in and I can’t seem to pull away. On Friday my mobile phone officially died. In the past I would’ve panicked and done whatever was needed to get it fixed asap, but not this time. I threw it into my handbag and anxiously made the decision to spend three days and nights without it. Some of my friends asked how on earth I could do it. “I could never live without my phone,” one friend proclaimed. Of course you could, we survived okay before they existed. The trouble with technology these days is, we rely so heavily on it that we wind up thinking we can’t live without it. We can, and sometimes we really should.

On Friday morning I picked up the Sexy Beast. For those of you that don’t know, I was so very fortunate to win a Ford Territory for 12 months as part of Voices of 2013. Ford is my new best friend, I’m not even joking. I rolled out of the Ford car yard in the morning, and we were on the road heading miles and miles away by the afternoon. 

No TV, no telephone, no power, no running water, no traffic. Just my loved ones, old friends and some new, laughs, long days doing absolutely nothing. Swims in the morning and night, dolphins, our dog fetching his stick from the water four gazillion times (by the way, have you ever seen your dog paddling under water? If not, I suggest if you get the chance pop some goggles on and have a look, it’s seriously cute!). Breakfast for lunch, sausages (lots of sausages, after all they are the food of camping), cider, getting engrossed in a good book whilst sitting in the shade overlooking the ocean. Early nights, early mornings, birds keeping you company in moments of solitude, falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing, stars. Oh the stars! 

One of our campsite neighbours threw an impromptu Australia Day party. Music cranked up, us dancing in the dust with makeshift glowsticks (torches), and what started out as just another day camping turned into Australia Day celebrations you couldn’t plan even if you tried. You know those kind of nights that just happen and leave you smiling? No plans, no fuss, just dancing and laughing. I used to love to get on a plane to get away from the every day, but I think camping under the stars might just be my new favourite way to take a break.


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