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Mushroom and Baby Spinach Risotto

I don’t know if I am too lazy to get some things done, or time just flies by too quickly and I am left with little capacity to plan to get things done. I think of myself as a do-er by nature, but in a very specific sense. I am fastidious with my work, I spend every waking hour thinking about and planning how to improve my business, and I don’t take being a mother lightly. My priority when it comes to those things is spot on.

Other less significant things however can often get nudged aside, particularly if things don’t work out how I expect them to making the tedious tasks that little less appealing. Sometimes, cooking falls into this category. I love cooking, I love every aspect of it – selecting the produce, peeling and dicing, stirring, seasoning, tasting, plating. And of course eating. I love the entire process. However when life gets a little crazy and I find myself with less time than I would like to be able to spend in the kitchen, the interest wanes. And throw in a broken oven and stove top and I am pretty much considering a diet of buttered toast and coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

I mentioned in my earlier post that my stove top caught alight a couple of weeks ago, and almost instantly I was thinking ‘ah well, not much cooking to be done then’. Pretty silly really considering I have an abundance of other appliances that can whip up meals just as well. Introducing my rice cooker. It makes risotto at quite literally the press of a button. So today it’s mushroom and baby spinach risotto for lunch. I appreciate the break from toast actually.

If you don’t have a rice cooker that whips up risotto, you can of course use a saucepan. You don’t need to stir this as it cooks and reduces. I used to think you had to continue stirring, which put me off making risotto in the past. I’ve made the instructions out for those that would use a pan on their stove top (and suddenly I miss mine), but if you are using a rice cooker simply saute the onion first, then pop the lot into your rice cooker. 

Ingredients // serves 4

2 tbsp olive oil

1 medium brown onion, finely diced

2 cups arborio

3 1/2 cups vegetable or chicken stock

1/2 cup white wine

8-10 mushrooms, chopped roughly

100g parmesan cheese

50g butter

50g baby spinach

A few sprigs of thyme

Cut lemon

Sea salt and pepper


Heat oil in a heavy based saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and sauté until softened and transparent.

Add rice to the pan and sauté until rice is heated through.

Add stock and wine to pan, gently stir, cover, then allow to simmer over medium heat for about 15-20 minutes until stock is completely absorbed. 

Take off the heat, add mushrooms, parmesan, butter, baby spinach and thyme leaves, stir well. Season with sea salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and more freshly grated Parmesan if your heart so desires. Allow to sit to absorb all the delicious flavours for a moment then chow down! 

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  • Martine @ Chompchomp - Even before my husband became vegetarian I have been a mushroom addict. They go in nearly every meal I cook at home which is a bit over the top. Mushroom risotto is one of my absolute fav risottos.ReplyCancel

  • Tammi - I can well identify Peggy. While I adore the entire process of cooking, at the moment I am finding it a little tedious at times with having to cook for eleven…yep eleven!
    I rarely make risotto as I am the only one who eats it but have not stopped thinking about this since the other day! Need to make it pronto!!ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Saas - I agree Martine, there isn’t much that doesn’t do well with mushrooms added. I love them too!ReplyCancel

  • Peggy Saas - Eleven Tammi? Holy moly that is a decent sized family! I take my hat off to you. I love making things only I will eat, then I get to enjoy the leftovers too.ReplyCancel

  • Virtual Private Servers - This recipe is a very good use of left over risotto. I used panko bread crumbs and loved the crisp texture. I did not have any problems handling them, but you have to be very gentle.ReplyCancel

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