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White Chocolate & Mascarpone Cheesecake with Mint Topping

My neighbours are either going to seriously love or hate me after this. They are the recipients of many of my kitchenREAD FULL POST >>

Chocolate Coconut Slice // So Easy the Kids Can Make it!

I was on the lookout for a delicious slice using oats after my recent flapjack revelation courtesy of Lunchlady, butREAD FULL POST >>

Chocolate Cherry Pavlova with Mascarpone

Every so often I bake something that gets me thinking ‘wow.’ This pavlova was one such thing. I got the ideaREAD FULL POST >>

Old School Chocolate Cake

Apparently there are a couple of kids around who don’t like chocolate. This does not compute, how on earth doesREAD FULL POST >>

Belgian Chocolate Brownie Mix by Littlesweet Baking

There’s this girl named Megan. She bakes delicious cupcakes and slices and other sweet treats and delivers them toREAD FULL POST >>

Chocolate Pots with Mascarpone and Toffee Pieces

Whoever said ‘nothing tastes as good as thin feels’ has clearly not ever eaten chocolate in the midst of aREAD FULL POST >>

Mint Chocolate Chip No Churn Ice Cream; one for the diehard fresh mint lovers

And so the obsession continues. I actually have a small list of flavours that I intend to try out in my new favouriteREAD FULL POST >>

Rich Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake with Raspberry Swiss Buttercream

There are some foods that just shouldn’t be done in halves. Ice cream should not be low fat, seafood should be inREAD FULL POST >>

Chocolate and Caramelised Banana No Churn Ice Cream

It  had to be done. After the delight that was the Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream more flavours were bound to happen.READ FULL POST >>

Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate & Peanut Buttercream

I used to have an aversion to baking anything too fancy. Simple cakes, simple slices and things I’d seen my MumREAD FULL POST >>

Tiikerikakku // Finnish Tiger Cake, in a bundt tin just like my mum had!

Most of my childhood memories are based around my Mum’s cooking. As a kid, I was amazed at three things about myREAD FULL POST >>

Chocolate fudge cake with ganache and raspberries

I had the pleasure of joining Sash and Bo of Inked in Colour for lunch on the weekend. I mentioned in a previous postREAD FULL POST >>

Double chocolate orange tart: my kind of Easter delight!

It’s Easter and I’m sitting here wondering why the heck there is no chocolate in the house. Truth be told,READ FULL POST >>

Salted dark chocolate macadamia cookies

** Vintage silver comport courtesy of The Vintage Table. I’m a sucker for chocolate. As a kid I had NO self-controlREAD FULL POST >>

Caramel Slice

When you have a house full of kids for the night, what do you do? Fill them up with love (translation: sweetness in theREAD FULL POST >>