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Food Photography & Styling Workshop // Accento Home Claremont

You may already know that aside from taking photos of food on my dining table to share here, I am also a freelanceREAD FULL POST >>

Leaps and Bounds

There has been SO MUCH going on lately, I don’t think I have ever been this busy (good busy, not crazy ass busy).READ FULL POST >>

Finding Your Own Voice

At the end of November I attended the final awards night for Kidspot’s Voices of 2013. I was very pleasantlyREAD FULL POST >>

See the World.

If you’ve been coming here awhile you may know that I took a huge leap. A leap into the unknown, into the creativeREAD FULL POST >>

Eat Drink Blog 4 // Australia’s Food Bloggers Conference

In recent months I have had a revelation, one that hovered around in my head since I was a teenager yet I couldn’tREAD FULL POST >>

Blogging Illuminated: Voices of 2013

When I started blogging in 2011 it was done on a whim and at first I didn’t really know what I would be blogging aboutREAD FULL POST >>

Biggest Vintage Afternoon Tea at Leaf Bean Machine

I talk about creative collaborations a bit. I like them. I love when someone has a fabulous idea that draws creativeREAD FULL POST >>

How to make photo booth props on a budget

I recently put my hand up to run a photo booth at a fabulous fundraising event. I got so excited at the thought of doingREAD FULL POST >>

Meet the Sponsor: Pampered Pooch Parties & Barkery Treats

I had an email from a lovely young lass who was after some photos for her business. Her business? Making deliciousREAD FULL POST >>

Little Stove

I love it when I discover a little treasure tucked away. And with fabulous coffee!READ FULL POST >>

Creative collaborations that make the heart swoon

As you may already know I am partial to food photography. Before I made the leap from the corporate world to follow myREAD FULL POST >>

One moment

Since I took the leap from my full time employment I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Some days I amREAD FULL POST >>

Food and photography

Well hello there lovelies! Things have been a bit quiet on the cake crumbs & beach sand front lately as I’veREAD FULL POST >>

Put yourself out there

One thing I have discovered since I left my full time employment is that anything is possible. If you want something badREAD FULL POST >>

slowly. creatively. happily.

This whole ‘staying at home’ bizzo is still very new to me. It’s been a few months now (I think) and IREAD FULL POST >>

How bad do you want it?

I remember when I used to daydream a lot. I’d wish I had more time at home, I’d wish I could spend more time at theREAD FULL POST >>

Stop dreaming and start chasing

Before I started to actually put my dreams into motion I often watched people living their dream with serious envy. I&#READ FULL POST >>

Leave the fear behind

I had a minor meltdown last week. I say minor because in the scheme of things it was small, however still somewhatREAD FULL POST >>

Learning how to hustle

{image by Carolyn Emily} Anyone that has started off in the world of freelancing will know how different freelancing isREAD FULL POST >>

Coping with Jane

I have discovered that pitching magazines is a sweet journey. When I stopped working full time I promptly sat down andREAD FULL POST >>

Looking like me

I have long said that routine is the killer of creativity. In the midst of my ‘waking up and jumping on theREAD FULL POST >>