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Asian Slaw // The Lazy Man’s Lunch

I used to have a million excuses for not preparing healthy meals. Too tired. Not enough time. Don’t have the rightREAD FULL POST >>

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad with Sweet Soy Dressing

You may notice that salads become a regular fixture ’round these parts with the arrival of summer. Perth has beenREAD FULL POST >>

Diving into the raw food revolution – Cabbage, radish and parmesan salad

When I was younger I didn’t enjoy the taste of vegetables that much, in fact not at all. I can’t recallREAD FULL POST >>

Feeding my new beetroot obsession: Smoked salmon and beetroot salad

I didn’t necessarily dislike beetroot in the past, but aside from the tinned stuff sliced and crammed into aREAD FULL POST >>

Roasted vegetable barley salad

I have only recently started my fascination with grains, and this is the first time I have cooked barley. Strangely, inREAD FULL POST >>

Rosolli – Finnish beetroot salad served at Christmas

One of my favourite salads eaten at Christmas time is Rosolli. I rarely eat beetroot, not because I don’t like itREAD FULL POST >>

My old-time favourite – Caesar Salad

I wasn’t a fan of salads and vegetables in my younger days, I have only really started to enjoy the goodness ofREAD FULL POST >>

Joining the quinoa revolution: Roasted vegetable quinoa salad

I have a soft spot for grains, cereal and legumes. I have always loved rice, both white and brown, barley, wheat andREAD FULL POST >>