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Chocolate Layer Cheesecake // cake crumbs & beach sand

If you’re on a no-chocolate diet, look away. This is by definition chocolate overload. It’s not polite and humble with a bite of chocolate, no. It’s in your face, three layers of chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate biscuit base. And then some shaved chocolate on top for good measure.

Not for the faint hearted.

If you’ve been coming here awhile you may have noticed my poor dear old blog has been lacking the love lately. It’s not due to lack of love on my part as such, I still love posting photos and sharing my kitchen creations. I simply have been short on time. You may know I am a wedding photographer, and I recently exhibited at my first ever wedding fair so a lot of my time over the past weeks went into preparing for that. Plus weddings and portrait shoots and lots of sitting around drinking coffee. I mean, editing. Sorry my beloved blog, I promise I’ll pop in more. And with me I shall bring chocolate feasts and all things sweet. 

So the cheesecake. All I can say is CHOCOLATE.

Chocolate Layer Cheesecake // cake crumbs & beach sand

Ingredients // makes a 20cm cake

250g chocolate biscuits (not chocolate coated, that’d be way too much chocolate)

100g unsalted butter, melted

100g premium white chocolate 

100g premium milk chocolate

100g premium dark chocolate (I use 70% cocoa)

200ml whipping cream

250g cream cheese

250g mascarpone

More chocolate to shave and decorate the top (unless by now you’ve had enough chocolate and you can garnish it with air)

Chocolate Layer Cheesecake // cake crumbs & beach sand


Grease round 20cm springform cake tin. ** tip: turn removable base of tin upside down so the cheesecake base won’t stick into the groove that forms at the join. You can also pop a disc of parchment paper on the bottom to make sliding the cheesecake off and onto your cake stand a little easier. 

Process biscuits into crumbs and combine well with butter. Press firmly into base of tin. Place tin into fridge to chill base while making the filling.

Melt three types of chocolate in mugs in the microwave. Just zap for 30 seconds, then stir and zap for another 20 seconds. Don’t over heat. I usually melt chocolate in a double-boiler but with three types to melt I didn’t want to muck around with washing the top bowl in between melts. Set aside to cool slightly.

Whip cream to medium stiffness (mousse-like texture). Add cream cheese and mascarpone, combine well. Divide into three portions.

Stir dark melted chocolate into one portion of the cream cheese mixture, stir the milk chocolate into the second, and the white chocolate into the third portion. 

Pour the dark cream cheese mixture into the tin on top of the biscuit base. Level it out as best you can. Place into the fridge for half an hour or so until slightly firm. Then pour over the milk chocolate cream cheese mixture and pop into the fridge again. Finally place the white cream cheese mixture on top, smooth out, cover tin with cling wrap and place into the fridge for 8 hours or overnight.

The next day take that chocolate explosion out of the fridge, loosen the edges with a knife and release from the tin. Decorate the top with chocolate shavings, if you like. Or you can leave it as is. I doubt anyone will say it is short on chocolate.

Note: take out of the fridge only when you are ready to serve it. The milk chocolate layer will melt when left out in warm air. 

Chocolate Layer Cheesecake // cake crumbs & beach sandChocolate Layer Cheesecake // cake crumbs & beach sandChocolate Layer Cheesecake // cake crumbs & beach sand




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  • Your One and Only Mother - Well if that is not an over load of chocolate then what is. Looks absolutely bautuful and I bet it tastes even better. I would get worried if ever see the young gentleman living next door getting fat cause I take it that he’ll end up with most of it. You good never eat all that, could you now? xxooReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - There is no way I could eat all the sweet stuff, a little taste is enough and then I am happy to share. It’s very decadent and definitely a chocolate overload!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole- Champagne and Chips - Oooh, how very delightfully decadent. I love the three layer chocolate combo with ice cream cakes but haven’t ever attempted a cheese cake version.
    I love the chocolate overload on top too :)ReplyCancel

    • Peggy Saas - Thank you Nicole. I’m tempted to make an ice cream version next.ReplyCancel