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A few weeks ago I noticed that I had started to drop the ball with preparing healthy meals on weeknights. If you have been visiting for awhile, you may know that last year I ended full time employment after 23 years and now work seriously part time. I don’t think I was too ambitious when I first started working part time in thinking that I would have so much more time to prepare our dinner in advance, instead of deciding what we would be eating as I walked in the door after dark. Overly ambitious no, but it does still require a lot of motivation and preparation to keep on top of this healthy eating business.

Recently however I have become a tad lazy, perhaps complacent. So after giving myself a little kick and a reminder that part of the better work/life balance plan is to prepare healthier meals – less takeaway, more raw and more real foods, and no packaged stuff – I got another little friendly subliminal reminder when our lovely sponsor walked in the room, The Fresh 20.

The Fresh 20 is the baby of Melissa Lanz who, as a working mother, understands the effort it takes to prepare healthy dinners on a daily basis. The Fresh 20 started off as a meal-planning service which offers a subscription to readers whereby they can log in and access delicious and nutritious recipes. The idea of The Fresh 20 is is to create simple dinners from only 20 ingredients, with no preservatives, no processed food or frozen ingredients. Now this is exactly what I am talking about.

Plans include vegetarian and gluten free meal options, catering for various dietary needs. Weekly meal plans include a variety of cuisines, weekly guides to assist with prepping and shopping lists to keep things even more convenient. To find out about how to subscribe and associated costs (at $5 per month, I think it’s a bargain!) head here. Imagine having someone else take out the legwork of working out what meals to prepare and having your dinners mapped out for the entire week? Genius!

I will be following a weekly meal plan in coming weeks, I will feature the dishes here and tell you firsthand about how convenient The Fresh 20 is. I already know how much it will help us out. 

To order The Fresh 20: 20-Ingredient Meal Plans for Health and Happiness 5 Nights a Week cookbook, head here. I want one, the photos are amazing and I love the idea of being able to flick through the pages to choose our dinners for the week without effort. Click on the book to look inside and tell me you don’t want one too!


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