Aheadfeel Legit [June] Read This Before You Buy

Aheadfeel Legit 2020

Aheadfeel Legit [June] Read This Before You Buy -> In the above article, you read about the website dealing in Indian headdresses and carved skulls.

Increased online business has also increased the chances of scam and fraud on the same platform. New websites are launched daily. Hence, it’s necessary to go through the website’s reviews before placing an order from the same.

One such recently launched a website on the same platform is Aheadfeel. Is Aheadfeel Legit?

In this article below related to Aheadfeel.com reviews, you’ll get an enclosure about this website, and also this will help you solve your queries regarding it.

If you too are looking for Indian headdresses and carved skulls for women, then you must go through this website once. The products of it are trending in the United States, and people there are looking forward to their unique designs.

But, is the website safe? Can smooth orders without the risk of any frauds, be placed on the site? Read below to get your doubts cleared about the legitimacy of the same for smooth and safe transactions.

Aheadfeel.com is Legit?

This is the most crucial question to be answered without any order placement form of online websites due to the increased risk of fraud and scam.

This website is an online store dealing in headdresses and carved skulls for women, offering various designs in the same.

In this article about Aheadfeel.com Reviews, you’ll get a clear thought on the website and will be able to identify whether it’s genuine or not.

What Aheadfeel.com is?

Demands for headdresses and skulls are increasing along with the growing trends. People are looking forward to them. This is only the reason that websites are coming up with new ideas and designs in the same.

Aheadfeel is one of them. This website was launched around six months ago to meet the growing requirements of headdresses and skulls. The site allows its customers to choose from a variety of designs, thus giving them any options.

Specifications of Aheadfeel com:

  • Website: Deals in Indian headdresses and skulls.
  • Email: info@aheadfeel.com
  • Web Address: www.aheadfeel.com/
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal
  • Delivery: Within a few days after shipping (Days not mentioned)
  • Shipping Time: Within 6-8 Days of order placement
  • Shipping Charges: Up to $4.99
  • Refund/Return: To be requested within 30 days from shipping
  • Cancellation: No information mentioned
  • Exchange: No information mentioned

Benefits of buying from Aheadfeel.com:

  • Options to choose from a wide range of designs.
  • Unique and trendy designs available.
  • Products are reasonably priced.
  • Different sizes, according to the buyers, are available.

Negative Aspects of Ahead feel:

  • COD not available.
  • The shipping process is very time-consuming.
  • Exact information regarding cancellation and exchange not available on the site.
  • Customer Reviews not available.
  • No presence on the other social media platforms.

What are buyers saying about Aheadfeel.com?

While going through the website, it can be analyzed that the customer reviews section is missing from it. Hence, neither customer reviews nor ratings are available on the site.

Some of the reviews and comments from its buyers are summarized above for your clarity of the same.

The website lacks some information. This thus was questioned by the customers as they couldn’t find possible answers to their questions in the same. This can also be considered as a loophole in the trust factor of the same.

There were many other issues regarding late delivery, ignored or delayed response to queries; they faced problems in order cancellations and refunds.

Final Verdict:

After reviewing the website and looking closely at all the points, there are possibilities that the site is just another scam in the online market. Some of the points which question the authenticity of the site are mentioned above:

Firstly, the website is neither registered, nor SSL certified. Also, much relevant information regarding terms and policies are missing from the same. Information regarding shipping policy returns and privacy policy are not mentioned.

The website is also newly launched and is not so famous amongst the online buyers. The website ca not be found in the Alexa ratings and also ranked in the bottom on Google or other search engine result pages.

Also, it was noticed that some of the images used by them for product display are also available on other websites. The products can be found on the other sites at a lesser price.

The following points thus give a clear thought on the legitimacy of the website. It is recommended to go through the website well before placing any order form the same to ensure safe transactions.

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