Reviews [June] A Possible Scam Site or Not?

301 Reviews 2020 Reviews [June] A Possible Scam Site or Not? -> This article tells about the online store which has numerous variations of the summer clothes, tops at attractive prices.

Are you shopaholic women? Do you like changing your wardrobe every season? Check out for summer collections.

Scrolling on to each online site each day, do you think that every online shopping store is genuine? There are many online stores available on the internet nowadays, and therefore many of them can be illegal. However, not every website needs to be a fraud.

In this blog, we will highlight the Reviews given by various customers. It will help you get to know about the site much better.

The online store is quite attractive and is capable of attracting women as they like shopping. It has summer collections and at the most reasonable prices.

From clothing to women accessories, this online store has all. It can attract a lot of female section. But before getting tempted to an online store, it is necessary to look at the details of the website correctly. You might be wondering is Boours com Legit? Continue with us to know that.

Online stores can prove the adequate place for all the masses who do not like visiting any retail shops. One of the significant advantages of the online store is numerous varieties. But, in recent days, many scammers are causing great trouble in the United States.

Thus just by looking at the few key points of the website, one can check whether the site is genuine or not. The most crucial section is the reviews, pros, cons of the online site. So let’s proceed further.

What is

It is an online store which consists of many bottoms, tops, swimwear and many other products for the women. The products displayed on this online store are at cost-effective prices. There is an additional feature that on registering or signing up on account of this online store, you will get newsletter, offers and deals and many exciting discounts.

Moreover, shipping charges are also standard. The return of the product can be done within 14 days. According to the website, you can quickly return the product, if you find them faulty.

But the website fails to have any Reviews. It also has no social media pages linked, and there is a lack of external links. Moreover, the address given on the website is incomplete, which makes this online store very suspicious.

The details of the online store are dicey, and it can be bright only if you check the further information and then you can easily make up your mind regarding the website.

Specifications of

  • Product: Tops, women’s wear
  • Email
  • Phone Number: (304) 444-3387
  • Concerned Person: Danielle Owens
  • Address: Babbling Brook Dr, 15, Raleigh, NC 27610, United States

Advantages of

  • The online store consists of a wide variety of women accessories and that too at relatively low cost.
  • The buyer can receive updates, latest offers and discount by registering and signing up to the site.
  • The shipping charges are of the standard rate.
  • The return of the items can be done within 14 days.

Disadvantages of

  • It has a lack of customer reviews.
  • The search engines depict that the site is not trustworthy at all.
  • It has no social media pages and lacks external links. The payment method is online, which is not at all comfortable for such a website.

Is legit?

You might be wondering is Boours com Legit? We went through this site on various research engines and found that the website is not legit at all. It has nil reviews. Due to lack of information, this website is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

As already indicated, the website has no reviews. No rating is present on the site. Also, the address mentioned is incomplete, which is a scam alert. There are no social media pages linked to this website. Therefore, this website has no buyer, and it has no feedback. Minimal customer reviews make this online store a scam.

Final Verdict

Thus it can be concluded that our research indicates that the online site is not trustworthy at all. The website is just a trap to fool the customers and make money illegally. The site has no feedback and no social media page.

Also, the wrong address raises the lot of eyebrows. We would surely not recommend a person to buy anything from this online site. Its a scam and is trying to fool innocent people. At the end, its totally your call too!. However, if you analyse the research, it has not a single reason to be trusted.

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