Ice Throne Com Reviews [June] Is it legit or scam?

Ice Throne Com Reviews 2020

Ice Throne Com Reviews [June] Is it legit or scam? -> The above article points out if the website’s legit or fake.

Do you want to sit back and shop for jewelry online? Ice Throne brings you an online platform to buy your desired jewelry.

Ice Throne Com Reviews shows that the brand has a leading market in the United States. The online shop offers sophisticated designer jewelry pieces like chains, pendants, rings, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces along with toolbox, troll boats, and recliners at affordable prices.

Is Iceythrone Com Legit? The first thought that can come to anybody’s mind. We will research the legitimacy of the website through the cybersecurity mechanism in this article.

But before conducting the inspection, let us walk you through the website’s specifications, brand presence on the social platforms, customer testimonials, and finally pros and cons of shopping from the website.

What is the Ice Throne?

Ice Throne is dealing in the wide range of latest & trendy jewelry at surprisingly affordable prices. Some of the products offered are Necklace, bracelets, pendants, anklets, and so on. The webstore got its registration done in May ’20.

It has clearly stated return, refund and exchange policies citing most of the relevant queries answered. The customer service team promises to provide assistance within 24-48 hours of the query raised.

The e-shop accepts the payment through all means of online payment. The webstore operating days are Monday – Friday.

Specifications of Ice Throne:

  • Product: Necklace, Rings, Bracelets, etc.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent Company: Ice Throne
  • Address: Not Mentioned
  • Contact number: Not Mentioned
  • Shipping time: Not Mentioned
  • Shipping fee: Not Mentioned
  • Customer service hours: Monday – Friday
  • Order Tracking: Not Mentioned
  • Replacement: Accept product exchange
  • Returns: Within 24 hours of purchase
  • Refunds: Will be processed once approved
  • Mode of Payment- All Online Payment Methods

Pros of buying from Ice Throne:

  • Clear mentioned return, refund & replacement policies
  • Customer can seek assistance via
  • Accepts all online payment modes

Cons of buying from Ice Throne:

  • Zero customer reviews
  • Lack of social media presence
  • Inadequate contact information
  • Absence of “About Us” & “Privacy Policy” pages

Is Ice Throne a Legit website?

The vast arena of the internet has become an avenue to malicious/fraudulent websites. Therefore, being a responsible surfer, one should always verify the website’s authenticity before performing any monetary transactions or sharing personal information on any new domain.

We are here to perform deep analysis based on a set of verification techniques to calculate the genuineness of the domain quickly. The article will also arm you with knowledge of identifying any website’s legitimacy and stay safe online.

Ice Throne is an ecommerce platform selling designer jewels such as bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, and so on at unbeatable prices. It reassures its visitors and existing consumers to provide email assistance within 24-48 hours of query raised.

Customer feedback on Ice Throne:

The website holds an SSL certificate that shows there is no security issue with the connection, and visitors’ personal information can’t be intercepted, stolen, or manipulated. All three return, refund, and replacement policies are clearly stated under the “REFUNDS” tab creating the impression of legitimacy.

Conversely, the brand is inactive on social media platforms with no customer reviews/feedback on the products offered, which can be a cause for concern. The domain is not more than two months old with negligible contact information of its operating address and contact number, which is an obvious sign for it to be involved in suspicious business practices.

Final Verdict:

The brand was registered in May ’20 with absolute inactiveness on social media; therefore, it fails to gain the visitors’ trust. None of the products listed on the website holds customer feedback could be responsible for skepticism in potential customers’ minds.

The absence of the “About Us/Company Info” page causes a sense of distrust in the customer’s minds. With negligible content, no shipping information and delivery time mentioned on the product pages, which declares it to be a full-on phishing website.

Alert Note: With negligible web content, it seems to be poorly designed and looks completely unprofessional. The webstore didn’t share adequate information such as a physical address, phone number, and company info, indicating a cyber threat.

On conducting a real-time investigation on the online shopping site, we found that the web store hasn’t built a sense of faith amongst its potential buyers. We would not advise our visitors to perform any shopping activities through this platform as it has a multitude of factors contributing to its ill-legitimacy.

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