Is Shopville Legit [May] – Are You Losing Money Here?

Is Shopville Legit 2020

Is Shopville Legit [May] – Are You Losing Money Here? -> This article shares details about an online store selling gaming consoles and other games.

On the lookout for colorful game consoles for you and your friends? Then Shopville is worth checking out.

Gaming today is treated a lot like a sport. It began as a simple game for research purposes evolved into more graphic and realistic versions. They can be played from your home’s confines by connecting your gaming consoles to television sets of computers.

Now you may be wondering, Is Shopville Legit? Since it is a newly launched website. But is it wise to tag a new website that? No!

Let us start by telling you that this site has roots based in the United States and has more to offer than just gaming consoles.

You will be uncovering more information regarding this site as you read further into this Shopville Ltd Reviews.

Is Shopville Legit?

The legitimacy of a site relies on how accurate the information provided by the website. There ought to be transparency in its contact, shipping, refund, returns, and also exchange details provided.

These are what provide customers with some solace and trust-building. Let us tell you that they have fully functional social media pages. They mention that you will get a response from them within 2 hours! But can that alone establish its legitimacy? Let’s read further and find out is the Shopville Store Scam.

What is the Shopville Website?

Shopville is an e-web-store that provides home entertainment and gaming options. These range from blue-ray options of tv shows and movies, play stations and Nintendo, a selection of popular superhero toys, and some home and grooming products.

You will notice that the sites about us page will quickly redirect you to its home page, which is strange! They also skip out on providing information regarding how you can contact them. Can this be blamed on the site being new on the online shopping market?

What makes the Shopville website unique?

There remain very few sites that offer blue-ray versions of tv shows and movies from the early and mid-2000s. You are in for a treat for the generation that still likes to watch family entertainers on TV. It’s not just the CD’s; you may also like the action figures available on Shopville.

They provide plenty of details in the product description; you will spot this right under the product’s images. Here you will find everything that you need to know. This information is what makes the site unique.

Specifications of Shopville website

  • Product- video games, entertainment, toys, and home products
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- not provided
  • Delivery time- 10-14 days
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned.
  • Exchange policies- not provided
  • Returns- within 30 days from shipment date
  • Refunds- issued once the brand receives the return
  • Online payment- only via PayPal

Pros of purchasing from Shopville website

  • Provides ultimate gaming consoles
  • Products are modestly priced
  • Offer free shipping
  • Can make safe and secure online payments
  • They have a valid SSL certificate provided
  • They give unbelievable offers on purchases
  • Have functional social media sites
  • Give tracking numbers and links once you’ve made the purchase
  • They offer a variety to choose from

Cons of purchasing from Shopville website

  • Contact information is incomplete, no phone number provided
  • No precise details on exchanges
  • Can only make online payments
  • Only delivers in the United States and Canada.
  • They claim to be not responsible for products lost by mail carriers.
  • Nobody uses blue-ray CDs anymore.

Customer feedback on Shopville website

The Shopville website seems to have been recently established and hence lacks any customer feedback. They do provide an icon that says, ‘Customer Reviews” But you will find none once you click on it. It lacks a lot of details that could help a customer provide some transparency.

This information is usually of utmost importance. Here you will notice the site asks you to contact them on their Facebook page rather than a phone number.

However, this may be just the right amount of information for some customers. The prices are sure to appeal to a lot of customers! For $1000, you can get yourself a set of 4 Sony PlayStation gaming consoles.

Final Verdict-

While it may be hard to ignore numerous signs provided in Shopville Ltd Reviews that will tell you the site may be a scam. You can be leaving them a message on the social media handles before making purchases if you wish to.

Readers feel free to share your honest reviews regarding this site in the comments below.

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