Is Wimkin Scam (Nov 2020) Scroll Down For Its Reviews.

Is Wimkin Scam

Is Wimkin Scam (Nov 2020) Scroll Down For Its Reviews. >> The article outlines the authenticity of an app designed to provide freedom of expression to today’s generation.

Every one of us has the right to vent our feelings and share personal opinions on different things. Often, many of us take to social media to express our varied thoughts and ideas. In such a way, we trust social media websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to respect our freedom much.

However, recently, Facebook has been charged with banning people’s opinions on specific topics. It has not gone down well with many people, mostly as its founder belongs to the United States, a country that seems to uphold democracy as its foremost ideal. If censoring or banning people’s viewpoints, a social media app or a website seems to go against its shared expression and speech principle.

It is what Wimkin is all about. In a way, it can be seen as a protest or a backlash against Facebook, which is nowadays bent on censoring any untoward voice. Please read the full Wimkin Reviews below to know Is Wimkin Scam or where everyone can express themselves and peacefully cohabit.

What is Wimkin?

Wimkin is often talked about as overtaking Facebook in its numbers. But can that be true? In the recent past, the troubling scenarios had people worldwide, especially in the United States, expressing themselves through online mediums, of which Facebook was often the preferred choice for most.

But Facebook often took the opinion of many people down. This censoring was not appreciated by many.

Jason Sheppard developed the Wimkin app and website. According to the app’s official page, it is a social media platform where everyone can share their unbridled opinions on anything that matters to them.

It is touted as a platform without regulations to check facts posted by people, censorship, and consequent account suspensions. The website of Wimkin has many teams, video clips, and all the bare social networking essentials. There are rooms for discussing various political issues on various controversial topics.

Thus, Wimkin has received much positive feedback from people, and Wimkin Reviews everywhere seem to highlight this.

Is Wimkin better or different than Facebook?

Wimkin is a very user-friendly website and app that resembles Facebook to a great extent. The creator Jason Sheppard has made it its mission to enable people to post anything and share anything without being hounded by censorship police or entangled in a host of privacy guidelines and protocols. It is a single main feature that makes it very different from Facebook and appeals to many people.

But does all this necessarily make Wimkin better than Facebook? Censorship, in large amounts, is harmful to real democracy. At the same time, people tend to abuse their freedom. It can also be dangerous as people will take advantage of their freedom to post anything and bring other people down. In such cases, Wimkin will not do anything to stop it.

Scroll down to get more clarity on Is Wimkin Scam.

Is Wimkin Scam?

Wimkin is undoubtedly a legit website and app and is not a scam. It has been created only two months back, so it is relatively new. Many users have registered on it and have posted many Wimkin Reviews, most of them are positive.

In the light of all the evidence, we can say that the answer to Is Wimkin Scam is no. however, we think that its highly non-censoring nature will become a contentious issue in the future, impacting its progress.


Thus, we see that Wimkin is a place to help people express their opinion on things that matter to them. They don’t have to hinge on any one interpretation of a controversial topic and abide by it.

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