Thieves jargon crossword puzzle clue

Thieves jargon crossword puzzle clue

There is hardly anyone present on this earth, who has not heard the name of the crossword. Everyone likes the extensive features of this game, like strengthening your memory and word recall skill. These games help us in the process of building up our mental reserves. As we have an increasing number of kinesthetic learners, therefore the reach of crosswords is also increasing at a faster pace.

Solving puzzles is such an activity that helps the stimulation of brain cells because it somehow helps us to be able to complex the freshness, diversity and intricacy into the person’s thinking process. Apart from these, it helps to increase the cognitive skills in the human being. Crosswords are considered as a leisurely activity that will help to make your mind sharp and increase your thinking process.

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The answer of the thieves jargon crossword puzzle clue is ARGOT

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