Amazon Fake Reviews (Sep) Let Us Know More About It!

Amazon Fake Reviews

Amazon Fake Reviews (Sep) Let Us Know More About It! >> This article will tell you about the fake review scam on Amazon and how Amazon deals with it.

Do you look at user reviews and ratings before buying products online? Then you have to be aware of how fake reviews have become a thing on Amazon. This detailed review will tell how reviewers manipulate ratings on Amazon, and you may end up buying a low-quality product. Amazon Fake Reviews were recently highlighted after some recent studies, which led to thousands of reviews being deleted.

The pandemic seems to have made this issue worse and more widespread as more and more people have switched to online shopping. The Amazon United States, the United Kingdom, Canada seems to have a high percentage of these fake reviews.

We will give you details about the scam and the action taken by Amazon in response to these findings.

All about fake reviews on Amazon

Ratings that a product receives from reviewers and customers directly affect it are ranking on Amazon and also the sales. Thus, reviews about the price, the delivery, especially by reviewers, can lead the product to get endorsements such as “Amazon’s Choice” label.

The scam seems to begin on social media platforms where companies selling products on Amazon get in touch with reviewers. In return for a 5-star review, the reviewer receives the product free of cost and probably also extra payment. Amazon Fake Reviews gives brands visibility, and studies also reveal that this system was used to promote unknown Chinese brands.

Not only this, but the reviewers were found to be selling these free products on other ecommerce websites and making huge profits.

A top-ranked reviewer from the UK was found to engage in this malpractice. He has reviewed and left thousands of 5-star ratings on products, and surprisingly a lot of these reviews were for random Chinese companies.

He then sold these goods on other platforms. He denied the allegations but also removed all his reviews. Many top reviews were found to engage in similar activities.

What does Amazon have to say about the fraud?

Amazon deleted thousand of these fake reviews, and these were predominantly in the Amazon UK. Many top reviewers were found to be a part of this activity.

Amazon issued its statement wherein it spoke about having policies and technology in place to spot Amazon Fake Reviews and take strict action against reviewers and selling partners that go against it.

They also said that they want customers to shop with confidence by making sure that the reviews are not manipulated.

Final Views

The pandemic has increased the number of buyers who are opting for online purchases, and this has also made such scams surface. Scams like Amazon Fake Reviews, exist on several platforms online.

Dear readers, we advise you to be careful while doing shopping online and not solely depend on what reviewers have to say.

Please share in the comment section below if you have any experiences you would like us to know of.

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