Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam (August) Know More

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam 2020

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam (August) Know More >> This article will give you details of the lawsuit against Google for exposing data of users.

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam: Google had launched a social networking platform of its own called Google Plus in the year 2011. Due to a software bug which exposed the data of millions of users, Google removed the platform in April 2019.

The lawsuit was filed against Google in October 2018, when a potential leak of private data of users was reported owing to a software bug. This bug affected almost half a million users. The bug existed since 2015 but only after an evident leak was it fixed.

About the Scam and the Lawsuit

Is Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam? No, it is not. It is a very legit lawsuit that was filed when personal information of about half a million users was leaked due to a bug in the Google plus platform.

According to Google, only static profile data-name, age, email address, gender, the occupation was at the risk of being exposed, and no financial data or other private Google data was leaked.

The bug was fixed in March 2018, though Google did not make it public initially to avoid any scandal. This situation was very similar to what Mark Zuckerberg was accused of in the United States Congress. According to Google, it was because there was no misuse of that information.

Are you eligible to claim the Settlement Money?

If you are one those who received an email from Google in regards to the Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam, it is because you were a member of the Google Plus service in between January 1, 2015, and April 2, 2019. Many users in the United States have received this email from Google.

You have till October 8 to claim an amount of upto $12, opt-out of it, file an objection or do nothing. However, you are not eligible if you work for Google, you were involved in the case, or you are an immediate family member.

If you need any further details, it is all present on a website set up by google.

What is Google’s take on the Lawsuit?

Google, in the light of Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam, admitted to the presence of the software bug which exposed the personal information of millions of users on Google plus.

They, however, have denied any malpractice. Google also insists that there is no clear evidence that any third party misused the data or that it was in the hands of any wrongdoers.

Users who were a member of the platform when it was vulnerable from Jan 2015 to April 2019 are eligible for a claim of upto $12.

Final Views

The Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam ended with a $7.5 million settlement. The exposed users have the right to claim upto $12 from which Google has set up a website.

As Google has already taken down Google plus, no other changes have been made as per the settlement. Google has further denied the allegations, even though they failed to report the bug for almost three years.

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